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Production is underway for The Christmas Question, a feature-length documentary about the history of Christmas. The aim? To get to the bottom of why Christians celebrate the Savior’s birth in certain ways … and then, to let the audience decide whether Christmas passes the test of worshiping our Creator in both spirit and truth.

When the film is released, it’ll be available online for free!

You’ll hear from the world’s leading experts on Christmas, from professors to historians to theologians and archaeologists. We want to create a high-quality documentary, shot in 4K, that’s entertaining, full of compelling facts and visually striking—a massive undertaking!

What Should I Expect from the Documentary?

Questioning beloved traditions of Christmas isn’t just a study of history, so this documentary won’t simply be a presentation of facts. We’re also planning some special creative elements that we hope will reach to the viewer’s heart.

The film will tackle questions like:

    • If not directly from the Bible, where did we get traditions like Christmas trees, caroling and yule logs?
    • But didn’t early Christians celebrate Christmas?
    • If the connection between Christmas and paganism is unclear, why can’t we just celebrate it?
    • If the trappings of Christmas are somehow linked to the worship of pagan gods, is our Creator really petty enough to care?
  • And didn’t those associations die out a long time ago?

Who We Are

The Christmas Question is a production of 119 Ministries, in collaboration with Align the Stars Media (creators of The Way Documentary.)

Why Another Look at Christmas?

There has never been a deep-dive documentary into the history of Christmas that asks whether the holiday meets the standard of worshiping our Creator in both spirit and truth.

If you’ve been familiar with 119 Ministries for a while, you likely know about a teaching called Sunburned, which examined the origins of Christmas and Easter. That teaching reached more than 250,000 people and was the gateway for many to consider the importance of walking out the whole Word of God.

119 removed its “Sunburned” teaching from its channels online some time ago. They pulled it because some things were presented as fact in the teaching that, after re-examining, they realized were more speculative in nature.

The goal for 119 this time around is to offer airtight evidence and to draw from the most reputable primary sources.

No matter where a person lands on the spectrum of Christmas-celebrator to Christmas-denouncer—reconsidering Christmas often leads to auditing other areas of one’s faith, which we think is a worthwhile pursuit for every believer.

How Can I Help?

The two most helpful ways to contribute to this documentary are through financial support and prayer.

Since 119 is funding the production—which means both paying our crew and subcontractors—it’s a new, and large, part of the budget. We now have all the equipment we need and most of the remaining expenses covered!

    • Travel (Including to Italy & Vatican City, Austria, the UK, Germany and across the USA and Canada for pertinent footage and interviews) $18,000
    • Film Score $6,000
    • Audio/Video Recording, Interviewing and Editing $22,000
    • Plot/Story Editing $5,000
    • Animation $10,000
  • Total Expected Expenses Remaining – $61,000

Please note that these are the expected expenses remaining, but as the project moves forward there may be currently unforeseen budget changes. If those occur, we will be transparent and update the budget along with an explanation of why they have occurred.

UPDATE 7/23/2019:

Total Raised: $63,460
Over Target Budget: $2,460

The Christmas Question Documentary is now over 100% funded (Hooray!!!). The funding percentage is based on the remaining projected budget to produce and publish the documentary. Any funds received beyond the projected budget will be available should the projected exceed budget. If the project meets budget or is under budget, the remaining funds will role into 119’s general fund for ongoing teaching production or other future projects.

Our expenses are now over 100% covered!

If you would like to support this project financially, click on one of the options below.

Donate Through Paypal or Donate through Aplos

Here’s how you can pray:

    • That we secure helpful and compelling interviews and carry them out with skill and wisdom.
    • That the viewers’ hearts will be receptive to what they learn in the doc and their eyes will be opened.
    • That the Father’s hand will guide us, subcontractors and anyone who touches the project, and that He’ll bring all the pieces together.
    • Protection while traveling and interviewing.
  • That the final product is what He wants it to be and will add something meaningful to the conversation about Christmas.


How far along is the production?
We’re 90% finished filming interviews and capturing footage!

When’s it coming out?
We’re aiming to release the film on Christmas 2019!

How can I watch it?
It’ll be available through TheChristmasQuestion.com and 119 channels online for free, and for purchase in DVD format if you’d like a physical copy.

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