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Theology of Early Christianity, Ecclesiastical Historiography & Sol InvictusRead More
Calendars, Chronology & Dating Christ's BirthRead More
Pre-Christian Religions, the Winter Solstice & PaganismRead More
Author of the World Encyclopedia of Christmas. One of the most trusted historians on Christmas history.Read More
Mithras & Early ChristianityRead More
KrampusRead More
Norse Mythology & Religious HistoryRead More
Ancient Rome, the 4th Century & ConstantineRead More
Puritans & 18th Century New EnglandRead More
Author of Christmas, Celebrating the Christian History of Classic Symbols, Songs and StoriesRead More
Emperor Aurelian & the Cult of Sol Invictus
Resident Minister at Convocation of Anglicans in North AmericaRead More
Ancient Rome & Roman Architecture
Paganism & the OccultRead More
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